Tracking Our Tour Coach

A project is happening over the course of 7 Summers, involving all 50 States. Through San Antonio Emergency Nurses Association, Barbara Baldwin has coordinated the Safety Whys babysitter training courses for students ages 11-17, since 1989. She has begun to get restless and is undertaking an outreach activity... a customized tour coach, along with Jr./Sr. Assistants to help launch programs across the country. Their mission statement is: "Promoting Responsible Youth for Helping Kids."

The 8th Edition of the Safety Whys Program Guide will provide insights, checklists, etc. to successfully run the program. This is copyrighted and franchised, with the annual lease being very nominal ($25). The student registration fee is $21 and a percentage of that goes to a drawing of eligible students (those who have parents or guardians employed or part of a congregation at the host institution).

Safety Whys wants to maintain a liaison with ENA nurses & Rotary Clubs. So, there would be training and the host person would need to select a site, contact speakers and coordinate the program. For the initial course, Safety Whys would need to coordinate the date, due to traveling between the set of 7 states each July. After their initial program, it is asked that the host do a minimum of 1 Safety Whys Program annually.

San Antonio ENA oversees 6 courses per year, and interested hosts are invited to monitor one to get a feel of the days activity. It is a 7 hour program that enlists speakers from different professions, training the students on various aspects of safety and reasons for interventions. All are on a volunteer basis and for Safety Whys, income is to cover expenses.

Safety Whys in the News

On the road again! Read the ENA Connection article about Safety Why's upcoming tour.


"My daughter had her 1st baby-sitting job last night!  I truly believe because of your class, she had the confidence & security to feel comfortable accepting the job.  As a Mom, though, I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes, as my "baby" went off to watch babies."

-- Colleen, mother of student

"The babysitting course was very helpful & I am pretty sure that all the parents feel like their children are in very good hands".

-- Andrea, SW student

"I have already heard many compliments from the parents of the young people who attended.  They have seen a more positive and confident approach in the the way their children are engaging in babysitting practices."

-- Yvonne Moseley, RN, MSN

"I learned a lot of things I didn't know & never thought of.  I think this class was fun, educational & very informative."

-- Solana, SW student