"The greatest overall benefit I've identified is the heightened sense of responsibility, evident when my twin boys, who attended, prepare to care for someone's child."

-- William E. Zoesch, MD, FACEP

"I was greatly honored to have been included as an instructor.  Each year, the program has proven more innovative & productive, & the response from the community at large, as well as the participants, has been overwhelmingly positive."

-- Denise Kubicek, RN, BSN

"Thank you for contacting me regarding the establishment of a National Babysitter's Day.  Babysitters serve an important role in society as positive role models, as well as boosting their self-esteem by being involved in the business world.  I understand that my Washington DC office already notified you regarding placement of National Babysitter's Day in the Chase's Calendar of Events."

-- Congressman Henry Bonilla

Upcoming Leadership Adventures

25th Annual Safety Whys Adventure Conference

Come and meet participants from other Safety Whys courses from around the region. The Annual Adventure offers a great chance to expand on leadership development from the regular course format, as well as focused fun on the theme selected by last years attendees. Come share your stories and experiences about YOUR babysitting business and enjoy networking with other with other Safety Whys students in your area!

  • Topic: Trekking the Safety Land
  • Theme: Candy Land
  • Theme Winner: Aimee
  • Trophy Award: TBA
    (Awarded to the school with the most Safety Whys attendees over the last 3 years)
  • Date: Saturday, Feb. 22, 2025
  • Conference - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Cost: $35 (Limit of 8 registrants. Waiting list after that.)
  • Location: Seven Oaks - 9242 Circle S Drive, Helotes, TX, 78023 (Birthplace of Safety Whys in 1989)
  • Pre-Qualification: Must have previously attended the regular Safety Whys Program
  • Pre-registration required!

Register Today!